A book to develop your active listening skills

Success depends on effective communication. A good communicator dominates public speaking skills and active listening skills. Listening is the key ingredient of effective communication. Listening enables us to improve communication, increase our efficiency at work, develop leadership skills and strengthen relationships with family, partners and friends.

Discover the active listening skills to reach success thanks to this book The Active Listener.


Book Contents

The Active Listener describes the skills and the methods to develop the capacity of active listening. All these skills are related about the process of active listening. The active listening process is a series of logically linked tasks which are needed to obtain and fully understand the whole message. This process consists of six phases: preparation, position and look, supporting our interlocutor, observing nonverbal language, obtaining main ideas and feedback.

This book develops all the secrets of the active listening across the process of active listening, as well as, reveals other questions like the barriers of the listening, the different types of listening, the skills to develop the ability to pay attention and the golden rules of the active listening.

Book Details

ISBN 978-1-4461-7996-3

First edition

Published by Lulu Enterprises Inc. in September 2010

104 pages of 6x9 inches paperback

Also available eBook version